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Finding right keyword in Japanese


I noticed that my first post “OR option on searching YAJ” could be a bit advanced for some of the people from messages from my friends.

Having no trouble reading Japanese as a Japanese, it tends to happen (^^;.
Thank you Kate and Cookie for your advice!

So, today I will write more basic stuffs, how to find the right keyword when you are searching on YAJ.

The google translate site can be a wonderful tool to use when you find keyword.

Go to the google translate, and set the translate into language (where the red square and the arrow in the picture) as Japanese if it is not set as is.


Then in the space under the source language (where the red square under “English” in the picture), write the keyword you would want to know in Japanese.

I tried following 9 keywords “photo”, “DVD“, “CD“, “posters”, “pinups”, “shirts“, “T-shirts”, “box”, “key chains“, “signed items” and got almost everything right.

I will list the translation for the above keywords here below.

photo                     写真
DVD                         DVD
CD                             CD
poster                     ポスター
pinups                     ピンナップ
shirts                       シャツ
T-shirts                 Tシャツ
box                           box
key chains             キーホルダー
signed (items)     サイン入り

If you have other keywords you would want to have listed here, let me know, I will just add them here ;).

For those last 3 keywords “box” “key chains” and “signed (items)” they are not the result of the google translation, since this one above will come out with better (more) result on YAJ.

OR option on searching YAJ


If you click here, you will be lead to the Yahoo Auction Japan page.
Something like this one below.


Where the red square and the arrow on the above picture is where you put your keyword(s). A glass looking icon is where you press for search after putting your keyword(s).

If you want to look for let say “Morning Musume Pinup”, then you put that keyword in Japanese.

You can use google translator for the translation.


When you put in a search window, you need to put space between “Morning Musume” and “Pinup” like this one below.


On the google translation it will come out without the space.

With or without the period(.) after the Musume, you will get almost the same result.
I did it now with and without, without had a result more than with :p.

Now if you want to search for certain idol’s Pinups,
let say “Tanaka Reina” and “Kamei Eri” you can of course search for “Tanaka Reina” and “Pinup” once and then “Kamei Eri” and “Pinup” next, but if you want to do it at once then you can use bracket.

If you use bracket as “(Tanaka Reina Kamei Eri) Pinup” for the keyword then you will get the combination of “Tanaka Reina” and “Pinup” OR “Kamei Eri” and “Pinup”.

In another word, the keyword out of the bracket is used as must be included keyword

but the keywords in the bracket are used for including this one or another.


You can of course use this for like Morning Musume “CD” and “goods” if you are looking for either of them etc.

Hope this will help~!!

Probably tomorrow, I will write on searching WITHOUT option ;).
Keep checking!!