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Katsuta Rina birthday special photo



Today is Katsuta Rina birthday.

Seems there is a birthday limited photo on Hello! Project Mall shop.

Here are the link to the left photo and the link to the right photo.

Only available today April 6th (10:00-23:59 Japan time), it is 16:30 right now by the way. So… about 7 hours and 30 minutes to go.


This one is available for a week. Here is the link to it.

Rina’s fans, check them out ;)!!


Suzuki Airi Birthday goods ~19 no Utagoe~


Hello there~!

How are you doing?

OK- today, I am writing a bit about Airi’s birthday event goods since 2 of my friends asked me about it :).

April 12th, just a week from today, Airi is having FC event at Yokohama BLITZ, Kanagawa prefecture.

As you can see on this page as well, here are the goods will be sold at the event.


Should be able to buy later on at H!P FC shop as well (except for the bottom 2 at the left and right), so if you are interested, I can probably help you if the goods are up ;). Not very certain when the goods will be up but probably in a few weeks?

Probably some of them will be up after the event (April 12th) on Yahoo Auction Japan as well.

I am pasting the link here to the result with keywords “Suzuki Airi 19 no Utagoe (鈴木愛理 19の歌声) on YAJ aka Yahuoku so if you are interested in, you can check the link every once and then if you see the goods you are after ;)!!

OK~ have a nice weekend——–!!!

Nozomi =D

HIGH WAY BUS! Traveling cheap inside Japan



One of my friends who is coming to Japan the end of this month just has asked me the cheapest way to move Tokyo to Aichi prefecture so I am writing about the high way bus today.

This is wonderful site you can check at. WILLER EXPRESS.

This is the entire map of Japan here.


Japan seems pretty small in a world map but it is not that small if you live in or be there XDD.

My friend is traveling Tokyo to Aichi this time, so it will be this bid on the map he is traveling.


It takes 6 and a half hours by bus.
Of course if you use bullet train (Shinkansen), it will be definitely quicker to travel (still takes about 2 hours by Shinkansen).

It depends on what is your priority on your trip that time I guess on what transport option you use.

Highway bus is a really good way if you want to travel cheap with certain distance.


Go to the site Willer Express and enter the info you need (traveling where to where and stuffs) on the left side of the screen where the red arrow is on the picture below. You will see the very reasonable price traveling long distance ;).


Goooooooood luck!!

Sayumin thanking Otaku heaven Akiba


On March 30th 10am, a new Hello! Project shop opened in Akiba, well known otaku heaven in Tokyo!


Here you can check the article in Japanese.

According to the article,

Fukumura Mizuki, Iikubo Haruna from Morning Musume. and Fukuda Kanon from S/mileage presenting the products for the opening event.

Then when the presenter called a helper for the event, the MM leader Michishige appeared and the people got excited for the surprise and joy.

The press asked the members the image of Akiba,

Michishige Sayumi replied

“My father loves Akiba. When my family comes to Tokyo, my Dad only comes to my room and Akiba XD. Thank you Akiba.”


Looks H!P Akiba shop is a H!P ota heaven for sure~~~~ ❤ !

AUCFAN, Minimizing Your Winning Bid


Hello everyone :).

When you try to buy stuffs on auction, sometimes you just get so heated up with other bidders and just keep bidding up. That is part of the fun on auctioning, but at the same time if you are the buyer side, you want to buy it in a low price.

So today, I will introduce you the site named “aucfan“.

On this site, you can check the average winning price on the items you are after.

Click here and go to the aucfan site. You will be seeing something like this below.


1) At first, choose the green tab on the site saying “落札相場 (average winning price)”
where the red arrow is on the above screen shot.

2) The red square in above picture is where you put the keyword(s).

Let say you are after
Tanaka Reina’s birthday event DVD “Otsukareina Kai”
(someone has just asked me to look for this DVD yesterday, so using this as an example XD).

So let’s put 「田中れいな おつかれいな会 DVD (Tanaka Reina Otsukareina kai DVD)」
(to find the right searching keyword in Japanese, check out here)
for the keyword and

3) press the search button where the red circle on above the picture.

It will show you the list of the item’s winning price and the date of the auction ended.


You can see the winning prices, number of the bidders and the ended date.

By checking this site, you can see if the item you are after is likely to be put up again, how much the winning price likely to be and etc.

Hope the info is helpful~~~ :).
P.S. Sakura flower (cherry blossom) near my place is already starting to fall (;_:).
Sakura has such a short life. It only started to bloom on March 21st.
I remember it since it was the day I felt chilly and got cold, haha f(^^;.

This is the photo I took on Saturday March 30th which was on its peak.

This one below is the one I took today.


As you can probably see there are the green leaves between flowers.
That comes out after the flower fall, so the flowers are already falling.
We call Sakura with green leaf “Hazakura” meaning leaf sakura.
It is pretty too, but start seeing those meaning the flower is just going to go to fall until everything is gone, so kind of sad……